Kits Creek Kennel
Kits Creek Kennel

Here is a picture of a nice female named daisey , she belongs to a fellow named Rodney Hubbard. Ol Rodney is a fine fellow , he is always a pleasure to talk to as well as hunt with. Rodney knows what a coon hound is and if you go for a hunt with him ,you will see from the hounds he is hunting.

Here is a picture of kitscreek fudge she is off my old holly dog which is whiskey full sister. Fudge's sire is Terry fishers Deacon hound .

Here is a couple of old pictures I ran across , This is Whiskey's sire Hercules and Whiskey's half brother Spook Daddy

Sure miss those old hounds , Some nights when things are quite I can still hear these old hounds off in the distance telling me a story of the track they are on .

One more of old Spook Daddy

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