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  • Cricket (Saturday, September 16 06 06:51 am EDT)

    Enjoyed working with you
    I really enjoyed working with you to build this

  • Bert (Tuesday, September 19 06 01:40 am EDT)

    I enjoyed this website very much and I am most impressed with Hercules. He is just what I have been looking for to breed to and continue great coonhound bloodlines in the future. Will be getting in
    touch soon with soon.

  • Hosscat and Lil' Hoss (Tuesday, September 19 06 03:32 am EDT)

    We just finished checking out your website. It is Great! You did a good job on it. For all of you looking for a dog to breed to, you can't go wrong with Hercules. I have followed him alot of ground.
    He is a Top Notch Hound. You also will not find a better person to deal with than Mike Edwards. He is Top Notch also and will shoot you straight. Breed your dog to generations of Coondogs. Breed to

  • Rick Stanley (Wednesday, September 20 06 02:15 am EDT)

    Nice Site
    Really like the looks of those hounds and am looking forward to a hunt.


  • David Bullard (Monday, October 02 06 04:40 am EDT)

    Nice Page
    Mike you did a great job on the page. Let me tell everyone something Herc %26 Yadkin river is the foundation of our kennel here in NC. Bay lakes Kennel would not exist without this blood.

  • Stephanie Dowd (Thursday, January 25 07 02:38 am EST)

    Nice site. I espically like the painting. You sister did a really nice job. It is very cute!

  • Ryan (Tuesday, November 13 07 09:36 pm EST)

    Good Hounds
    You've got some good hounds and I look forward to getting in the woods soon.

  • Jimmy Cowell (Monday, December 10 07 09:07 pm EST)

    The Site
    Hey you did a great job on the site mine isn't even this good. You also have some great dogs, they look like hard hitting good hounds.Great job on the painting too reminds me of a past pup of

    Jimmy Cowell

  • Brian Mcdonald (Thursday, January 24 08 09:10 pm EST)

    good hounds
    good site do you still use beagles as i hunt with beagle cross old fox hounds byt since the hunting ban in England ive got rid of most of my hounds if you ever need a hand let me know

  • Howard Wells (Thursday, February 28 08 06:31 am EST)

    your web site
    Great site!
    The blood line of your dogs is the best.
    I had a son of Loose Bruce and a daughter of Hurt's Bawling Banjo. Together or seperate they were top coon hounds anywhere. But mostly I hunted bear with them. They treed so many bear and made it
    look easy. Talk about stay put tree dogs with lots of heart and desire to get it done.
    Lot of good memories.

  • Darrel Garnett (Friday, September 11 09 08:34 pm EDT)

    Great site
    Great site Mike. Fellows I have been hunting with Whiskey the last couple of weeks and he is for real. He is just as nice a dog as I have ever hunted with. I wouldn't pass up the deal on his stud fee
    right now. If you are looking for a honest strike dog that can drift a feed track through the country and come treed with a coon you should take a look at Whiskey. Hope to see you soon Mike.

  • Ryan Beck (Thursday, October 01 09 12:06 am EDT)

    Hey man,

    Sorry to hear about Herc, he was a good dog. I've been out of hunting coons for a little while, but I am starting to get the itch back. I'll talk to ya soon

  • shaun (Tuesday, September 14 10 11:33 pm EDT)

    i just love yadkin river are you the owners of chico he a fine hound whiskey is a good lookin hound also can you send pix of pups when you can thanks keep up yhe good work ill keep incontact might be
    interested in chico in the futher

  • Shaun Hufton (Wednesday, January 19 11 10:59 pm EST)

    Yadkin River
    Just wanted to say hi.I really like Wiskey and his ped got some good old blood in him that i like saw on here where Mr.Jimmi Small s hound Fat Albert. Im friends with Mr.Small and his grandson
    David.Bought both my hounds from them guys.I have a 10mth old male pup off of Fat Albert that is really starting to set the woods on fire and I really enjoy him Well ill stay in contact might like to
    breed to wiskey.Here is a pic of my pup out of Fat Albert his name is Yadkin River Leroy

  • Charles %26 Nick (Saturday, February 05 11 08:44 pm EST)

    Mike is 1 honest guy with Honest Walkers.. You will not go wrong with Mike.. His hounds will back up every word he says.. Awesome Guy , Awesome Walkers, With Awesome Peds. These hounds will Put coons
    in your Trees 1 after another... Don't Think twice on this guy...

    site is looking good Bro!

  • Rick Stanley (Monday, February 21 11 05:44 am EST)

    That's a couple of handsome guys!
    Whoa!! Hey Mike, after looking at that picuture, its a good thing we can tree a few coons because a modeling career is out of the question!!LOL

    See ya soon.


  • Dave Baker Bubba ) (Sunday, September 11 11 01:37 am EDT)

    Yadkin River Hounds
    Mike , nice website.Really enjoyed hunting with you and the boys durring South Eastern Walker Days.Hope we can do it again sometime.

  • mike viars (Tuesday, December 13 11 11:56 pm EST)

    yadkin river jake
    hey the nugget female looks good i have a litter mate to her named jake and man what a tree dog rodney made a good cross on thesedogs

  • Jack Dobson (Wednesday, June 05 13 05:14 am EDT)

    Nice looking dogs. Like the way they are bred. Meeks speaks highly of you and your dogs.

  • Robbie Fuller (Wednesday, April 09 14 02:45 am EDT)

    I really like the YR dogs. The best female I ever had was a Grand Pup out of Champ. I see you have some of the best YR blood lines. I would like to have another one that has Champ up close. Keep up
    the good work you have a great web site.

  • Jonathan rogers (Saturday, April 25 15 03:24 am EDT)

    Maine dogs
    Hi there I own one of your pups out of whiskey. Her name is terra and came up with another pup to maine. Terra is my lead dog on bear and a fantastic dog. My buddy was not able to hang onto her
    sister sky. But I just saw pics if her with some plots on your photos section.

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